West Sussex roundabout named most dangerous in the UK

roundabout1_3377441bVideo imagery showing drivers cutting across a roundabout in West Sussex has led to it being given the dubious honour of the UK’s most dangerous. A safety campaigner set up a video camera at Turners Hill after residents complained drivers were cutting across the roundabout and entering the oncoming traffic lane. 

David Pawsey said the video footage made shocking viewing and revealed that in one 24-hour period, on 3 July, 33 motorists had swerved across to the right side of the road and to the right of the traffic bollards to miss the mini-roundabout. He noted that in one hour seven drivers had pulled this stunt and on 3 July one of the vehicles was an enormous lorry and trailer. 

Mr Pawsey stated that the problem first reared its head after a driver with a dashboard camera took a photograph of a lorry passing a car on the roundabout and using the wrong lane to do so. He said that after seeing the photo and witnessing additional incidents himself, he set up the Turners Hill Dangerous Driving Action Group.

The campaigner finished off by saying that the scale of the dangerous driving had left him aghast as he thought the camera would only record a few incidents a week.  After viewing some of the video footage, the chief of the Institute of Advanced Motorists said he could not understand why some of the drivers had cut across to the oncoming lane at the roundabout.

Kevin Delaney said it might be laziness or a lack of knowledge, but whatever the reason the fact remained all the drivers caught on the video had broken the law. He said the easiest answer would be to install official CCTV cameras at the roundabout and prosecute any offender photographed driving on the wrong side of the road.



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