Which? Report Shows Travellers Think Very Little of Ryanair

Ryanair plane taking offIn a recent report released by Which?, it was stated that Ryanair did not score high with travellers. In fact, the budget airline scored terribly in just about every category on the report. This included legroom, luggage allowances and the quality of the drinks and food it serves. In the end, Ryanair was able to score just a 32 percent. This put it as the worst airline on this report.

So this just begs the question, “If Ryanair was the worst, who was the best? On the other end of the report was Aurigny Air Services, which is based in Guernsey. This airline was able to get a four-star rating from travellers. Overall it scored an 87 percent. A lot of this had to do with the free drinks that the airline offers, as well as its 20-kilogram luggage allowance.

Swiss International Air Lines is another airline that usually places high on this report, which is released every year. For the last three years, Swiss International Air Lines was number one. This year, it has fallen to number two. This was followed by Shuttle ASA and Turkish Airlines. All of these airlines were able to score highly on this report.

To make up this report, Which? took a survey of some 12,700 of its members. They were questioned on when the last time they travelled by air and what their flying experience was like. Which? did point out that this new survey did not take into account a number of the changes that Ryanair has made in response to consumer requests. This includes a nice reduction in bag fees. Thus, it is very possible that Ryanair will place higher next year.

Which? said that it should not surprise many to see the low score that Ryanair received by consumers. That being said, it is very possible that this score could change next year. This is because the report covered the 12 months that ended October 2013. This means the survey ended just before Ryanair made its most recent changes to better accommodate passengers.

Michael O’Leary, the chief executive at Ryanair, has been very vocal about its rival EasyJet. After issuing two profit warnings this year, O’Leary said in September that EasyJet has “wiped the floor with us” this year. He said that it has a lot to learn from this.

A spokesman for Ryanair said that the airline has had 81 million passengers this year. Thus, it is very clear that Ryanair is Europe’s favourite airline. He went on to say that it is very strange to him that Ryanair continues to see its traffic increase despite the results of this survey. It is pretty apparent to him that Which? surveys do not fully reflect what consumers like to choose on a daily basis.

Usually, the winner of this survey gets rewarded with Which? Recommended Provider status. This year, however, Which? said that it would not be giving Aurigny Air Services this status despite the fact it won. This was due to the £2 surcharge the airline still imposes on its credit card bookings. Since Which? has started a huge campaign against airlines to cut this kind of practice, the company said that it cannot reward an airline that is still doing something that it is taking a stand against.



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