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White van man overtaken by white van woman

The iconic and much-derided ‘white van man’ is morphing into ‘white van woman’ according to a recent marketing survey by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, with one out of every three drivers of these workhorses of the road now a woman!

The stereotypes of the 50’s and 60s about the intelligence, hobbies, preferences and driving ability of those linked to the multi-purpose vehicles are falling by the roadside,  it seems.  Half of today’s ‘white van persons’ eat healthily, go to the gym regularly and are crazy about cultural pursuits and the arts.

Today’s version of ‘white van man’ uses Facebook and You Tube, tweets instead of tooting and owns a laptop and probably a smart phone. Cracks about intelligence are way off the mark in 2011 as, although most van drivers admit to not having a degree, over half own their own businesses and deal, albeit reluctantly, with accounts and VAT returns.

Over 70 per cent have an interest in politics and more than half are avid readers of books, compared with one in 10 of owners of sports cars. No surprise there, then. Bikers, off the charts in a downward direction, hated politics and wouldn’t be caught dead with a book. After a tough day at the wheel, most white van drivers prefer to put their feet up with a TV documentary or news bulletin, The group were the least likely of any surveyed to watch reality TV, perhaps because they’d  seen enough reality on the roads! .

Marketing head at Volkswagen’s commercial vehicles division David George said  the research overturned the stereotype, but hopefully not the vans. However, he didn’t specify whether future white vans would be more female-friendly in their design.



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