Will the Kinect Be Able to Help the Xbox 360 Overtake the Wii in Sales?

The question out there now is if the Kinect add-on for the Xbox 360 help the home console finally surpass the Wii. Some experts have been claiming that the 360 has already overtaken the Wii. However, actual reports show otherwise.

The Wii has led the console race since the start. It is true that the Kinect add-on has been driving up Xbox 360 sales. However, media companies that are reporting that the 360 has overtaken the Wii in sales are simply wrong.

Of course, one thing should be set straight, and that is the fact that Wii sales have been slipping. Most people that wanted a Wii have already bought one. However, as clearly seen in the weekly figures posted below, the Wii is still outselling other systems, meaning that it is just adding to its lead.

Weekly worldwide sales figures for the Wii (for the week ending November 27) came in at 1,440,792. The Wii sold 665,402 in America, 39,752 in Japan, and 399,216 in EMEAA. The 360 only sold 844,582 the same week. Numbers were close in America, with the 360 selling 604,762, but in Japan the 360 was smashed by only selling 4,206, meaning that, in Japan, it was out sold by the PSP, WII, PS3 and the DS despite the release of the Kinect.

So maybe the other media sources are talking about overall numbers. Well, the Wii has sold 77.7 million consoles to date worldwide. The Xbox 360 has only sold 46.4 million, so the Wii is king there as well, and with the Wii still outselling other consoles on a week-to-week basis, it will be hard for other consoles to catch up. The only thing that has outsold the Wii is another Nintendo product, the Nintendo DS.



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