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Winter Storm Slams the United States

SnowfallTravel could be delayed for a few days in the United States thanks to a shocking snow storm. On the first day of November, which was this past Saturday, some of the Southern states were hit with the wintry weather; then the winter storm worked its way to the Northeast on Sunday, Nov. 2, to drop even more snow. Some areas had a mix of rain and snow, which led to icy conditions and a lot of power outages.

Michael Palmer, a meteorologist for the Weather Channel, said that a number of places around the Southeast, including New England, have had beach erosion and a lot of coastal flooding. This gives people a great idea of just how powerful this weather system is. In the Northeast, including Maine, residents should expect to get around 1 foot of snow.

This snow is expected to stick around for a while thanks to freezing temperatures over the following few days. These temperatures reach all the way from the Great Lakes in Michigan down to south Florida. In fact, Florida reported record-low temperatures on Nov. 2 in Miami, making it the coldest start to a November that the city has ever seen.

Some other Southern states, such as Tennessee and North Carolina, were hit with a lot of snow as well. In North Carolina, the city of Asheville was hit with nearly 6 inches of snow on Nov. 1 with signs that it was going to stick around for a while. Areas of Tennessee, near Hartford, received as much as 13 inches of snow. It is worth noting, however, that this is a mountainous area that sits about 3,400 feet above sea level. As a result, all of the roads that lead to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park had to be shut down. Park rangers spent the weekend trying to evacuate everyone from the park. They were worried that people would get snowed in or that some trees might come crashing down on campers once the snow and ice hit.

A lot of areas have yet to get snow, but some got weather that was much worse. In Chicago, which has been nicknamed the windy city, there were gusts of wind that reached up to 60 mph. This was strong enough to bring down a number of power poles. It even created massive waves in Lake Michigan, some of which reached 20 feet. California got some much needed rainfall. Unfortunately, the state was hit with so much rain so fast that it created a number of mudslides across Camarillo Springs.

One thing is for sure, it’s shaping up to be a wild winter for the United States. This could mean that the United Kingdom has some strange weather on the way.



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