Woman Jailed for 18 Months After Claiming She Was Raped at Premier Inn

Premier Inn LogoRape is a matter that the police do not take lightly. Men who are charged with rape have their whole worlds flipped upside down. At the same time, if a woman claims that she was raped when she really wasn’t, the court doesn’t go easy on her either. It is a serious matter with which the justice system does not like to mess around.

This is a lesson that 23-year-old Emily Pike learned the hard way. She claimed that her Internet lover raped her at a Premier Inn hotel and again in a car parking lot. Unfortunately for her, CCTV images prove that she was lying. Instead, the accused, 24-year-old Tom Mills, crept out of their joint hotel room after they had consensual sex. According to Mills, he left because Pike didn’t match her online profile at all.

After the court saw the CCTV footage, the tables turned on Pike. The court heard that the two arranged to have a sexual encounter in Somerset. Despite the fact that Pike didn’t match her online profile, Mills decided to pursue the sexual encounter. However, when Pike woke up the next day, Mills had already skipped town. This is when Pike decided to tell the police that she was raped. Instead of having Mills locked away, she was jailed for 18 months for perverting the court of justice.

The prosecuting attorney, Anna Midgley, said that Pike tried to call Mills. He responded with text messages saying that a friend had an emergency, and he had to go. This is when she called the police and told them that she was raped. Midgley also told the court that the pair had consensual phone sex, but when she arrived at the Premier Inn, Mills took advantage of Pike. They left the hotel together, and he forced himself on her a second time in his car in the parking lot.

At this point Mills was arrested and questioned for hours and even subjected to medical testing. However, when the police checked the CCTV video, they saw that Pike and Mills did not leave the hotel together. They also saw that the phone records didn’t back up Pike’s claims.

Pike later admitted that her story was false. The police looked up her record to see that she has 15 other convictions. One of which was also a false rape charge. The judge who jailed her, Judge Julian Lambert, told her that it’s bad to lie and bad to get someone else into trouble. However, to lie about rape can get someone into serious trouble. It is hard to tell if Pike has learned anything from these false claims, but whether she did or not, it led to a man being arrested for a rape he did not do. He spent over 12 hours in custody and was at risk of going to jail for many years.



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