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Woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth to baby in Edinburgh Airport public toilet

Edinburgh AirportA mother, who didn’t know that she was expecting, is currently in the hospital recovering from a surprise birth. The mother actually gave birth to a baby girl in a restroom of the Edinburgh Airport.

The 20-year-old woman, who is not being named, was working at the airport when she started to complain to her co-workers of stomach pains. Soon after that, the woman rushed to the bathroom. After a long time of not hearing from their co-worker, other employees went to the restroom to find her. When they finally did find her, she was in the final stages of labor.

Authorities say that the baby was born in a bathroom stall near Gate 12 at Edinburgh Airport. Shockingly, this is only a few yards away from one of the busiest bars and coffee outlets at the airport. The authorities say they believe that the baby was born around 6pm with the help of a deputy manager who is being referred to as a “hero”.

The mother works at the airport as a catering worker. Although she didn’t know she was pregnant, the baby was not underweight. In fact, the baby was well within the normal range of a newborn’s weight, at 7lbs. and 14oz.

Sources from the airport said that the girl had been complaining a lot to her colleagues about not feeling well. This is when she ran to the toilet. They went on to say that they got worried about her when she did not come back for “some time”. When a female worker went to go check on her, they found out that she was pretty well along in the process of giving birth.

Although some people may be struggling to understand how the woman could not know she was pregnant, a general physician who specializes in sexual health and pregnancy said that this is actually more common than people may know. In fact, this “outcome” is typical with young women who have very little to no sexual education.

The physician, who was also not named, said that this can also happen to people who are in an “extreme” case of denial. They completely shut out all the signs that indicate they are pregnant and blame them on other factors. In the end, a person can “not know” they are pregnant for many reasons.

An Edinburgh Airport spokesman went on to confirm to the media that there was a baby born in the airport this week. The lady that gave birth was an employee of Restaurant Services, which is the company that runs the British Airways Lounge kitchen.

At the time of this posting, the mother and her newborn baby are fine and in the hospital. Edinburgh Airport and all of its staff send their best wishes to the mother and her baby. So far, the mother has not made a public statement. It is likely that no one will get a chance to interview her until she is out of the hospital.



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