Women are worse drivers than men, according to study

Female driverThe battle continues as to which sex is the best driver. Well, according to a new study, men just got another point. The Driving Standards Agency has released a report that shows why examiners fail drivers who are still learning. The study shows that women made close to 857,000 major errors last year alone. This was compared to men who only made 646,000.

The study went on to demonstrate that women all over the world are almost twice as likely to fail a driving test for reversing badly. Not only that but they also tend to make more mistakes with gear changes and steering.

Of course, men were not perfect either. In fact, the study confirmed the stereotype for men wanting to be racers. This is because the study showed that most men tend to fail for going too fast, missing road signs or ignoring lights altogether.

That being said, both sexes were equally bad at spotting hazards at a road junction. In fact, this was the number one reason that both sexes fail their driving test. This was followed by failing to check their mirrors while driving.

According to the Department of Transport, close to 1.5 million Brits take their driving test each year. The pass rate is not as high as what the country would like to see, but it has risen as of late. According to the Department of Transport, the pass rate has actually increased to 50%. Unfortunately, this does mean that half of everyone who takes the driving test will fail. On top of that, the pass rate for men is about 6% higher than it is for women.

It does seem to take longer for women to learn the ins and outs of driving. Female drivers usually need about 52 hours of tuition in order to pass their driving test. Men, on the other hand, only need about 36 hours for lessons.

Of course, speeding through the test may not be all that great. This same report does go on to show that, when women finally do pass their test, they are about one-fifth safer than men. However, that could be due to the fact that there tends to be more male drivers on the road than women. This information was provided by information technology company Wunelli. The study involved some 19,000 British drivers last year.

So why are women safer behind the wheel of a car? According to another study that was done by the Ruhr University Bochum, located in Germany, some are simply more cautious while they are behind the wheel. Once again, this is simply a study that suggests an idea, but really can’t prove it.

However, the study does have some merit to it. For example, when asked to park a car, women actually take up to 20 seconds longer to park a car than men due. This is likely due to the fact that they are more cautious about what they are doing. That, or men are simply more confident in their driving technique than what women are.



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