World’s wealthy targeted with luxury UK stately homes holidays

World’s wealthy targeted with luxury UK stately homes holidays

A new multi-million pound marketing campaign is aimed at attracting the world’s wealthiest holidaymakers to luxury breaks in Britain’s castles and stately homes.

In an attempt to kick-start the ailing tourism sector in the UK, a £10 million marketing campaign is to be launched, focused on England’s aristocratic and royal heritage and aimed at visitors with more than £1 million to spend.

The campaign will present ‘fairytale’ holidays with the emphasis on exclusivity, refinement and sophistication without eve n a hint of ostentation or decadence, according to tourism bosses. The UK’s array of historic stately homes is expected to be pressed into service, with titled owners a necessary requisite.

The scheme was developed as a result of a massive 20 per cent increase in the number of seriously rich tourists visiting Britain last year to a total of 10 million. The figures, compiled by the government tourist agency, VisitBritain, inspired the organisation to concentrate on high net worth individuals for this year’s campaign.

In its report, entitled ‘Luxury travel – Understanding the Luxury Consumer’, VisitBritain identified the need for ‘unreal, dreamlike fairytale holidays’. Fantasy holidays during which guests at heritage castles and stately homes lived the lives of the Victorian aristocracy promise to be a popular option, as do ‘serendipity’ holidays involving relaxing and switching off with everything provided.

According to the report, put together from poll results in India, Brazil and Russia, the seriously rich are gaining an appetite for planned luxury with a difference, incorporating surprise elements as conversation-stoppers at dinner parties back home.

Accordingly, the campaign will offer three levels of holiday experience – gold, platinum and black.

The Gold packages will supply unashamed ‘bling’ luxury, with the Platinum deals for the less overt and the Black aimed at the extremely rich used to the luxury of understated wealth, with exclusivity as a major selling point. Stately home stays will be offered, with extras including vintage champagne helicopter trips, romantic picnics on historic steam railways. Another offer is living like a laird in an ancient Scottish castle, blending your own malt whisky and, of course, wearing the kilt.



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