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World Health Organization to Decide if Ebola Outbreak Is a Global Emergency

Ebola OutbreakThe Ebola outbreak in West Africa is something that has the whole world on edge, especially travellers. Many health care professionals are worried that the Ebola outbreak is just a few plane rides away from being a global problem. That is why the World Health Organization is going to meet to decide if the Ebola outbreak should be considered a global emergency.

The Ebola virus continues to spread over West Africa. Although health care professionals are doing everything they can to save lives, the deaths from this outbreak continue to rise. At the time of this writing, the total number of deaths stood at just over 930. Reports show that there have been at least 108 new cases of Ebola between August 2 and August 4. In those two days, at least 45 people died.

WHO officials are now meeting for a two-day meeting to discuss in great detail just how to contain this virus and keep it from being spread across the world. They will also discuss if it should be declared a public health emergency. If it does, the virus will become an international concern and change the way people travel until the virus is brought under control. In short, it could mean travel bans to places in West Africa, as well as a possible complete border closure.

When talking to the media, WHO said that there are three major issues that officials are going to discuss. This includes cross-border infections from people travelling from West Africa to other areas around the world. The second issue is the stretched capacity of the care units in West Africa. Last but not least, they are looking at the socioeconomic impact that this outbreak is going to have.

Two American aid workers who were in West Africa caught the virus in Liberia. The good news is that the two seem to be recovering. This is rare because Ebola kills 90 percent of the people who become infected with it. It was said that the two aid workers were trying some experimental medicine. The U.S. government has yet to say if this experimental medicine has had any impact on the recovery of the individuals.

In Saudi Arabia, a 40-year-old man is dead after returning home from Sierra Leone. It is believed that he caught the Ebola virus there. Although they are still looking into the cause of his death, it will be the first Ebola death outside of Africa if it is found that he died from the virus.



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