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Zipcar and Zingle team up in New York City

Zipcar LogoCar sharing has made quite a name for itself lately. People are quickly learning that this is the easiest and fastest way to rent cars. In fact, car sharing usually turns out to be the cheapest way to rent a car for just a few hours. Well now the world’s largest car sharing company, Zipcar, has teamed up with the portable text ordering solution company Zingle.

At the time of this writing, Zipcar had over 2,000 cars located all over New York City. Most of these cars can be found located in underground parking lots. In order to rent these cars, members have to call Zipcar to make sure that the car they are closest to is ready upon their arrival. Now, thanks to this new partnership with Zingle, members of Zipcar can actually text their reservation information.

Currently this can only be done in select garages all over New York City. However, for the garages that do accept this form of reservation, all members have to do is text the word ZIP, the Zipcar name that they want and the time they want to pick up the car. After texting this, the member will receive a confirmation text reply to let them know that their car has been reserved for them.

The regional vice president of Zipcar, Nicole Mozeliak, said that they are extremely excited about adding this brand new level of convenience to the Zipcar service. They are confident that members in the New York City area will find this new form of reservation convenient. The option to text this information gives people another chance to get on the road a lot quicker. It also makes the process a lot easier for parking attendants. This is because they are going to spend a lot less time on the phone.

To start with, this service is only going to work with five garages throughout all of New York City. If the test goes well, Zipcar will roll this service out to other garages. It will roll it out to the more than 50 garages in New York City, and then continue to work up from there.

The pilot garages have already been offering this service for a while now, and Zipcar says that people are pretty happy with it. In fact, the company said that the people who were lucky enough to try this service early really enjoyed the convenience of it. In a survey that was given to these early users, 97% of them said that they were very stratified with the service they tested. Not only that, but 80% of these people said that they are very likely to use this service again as it is introduced all over New York.

If the rollout of this plan is successful, people can bet that they will see this new service come out all over the world. Zipcar is currently doing all it can to stay at the forefront of this growing industry. Although Zipcar is the king right now, more companies are entering the industry all the time. If Zipcar does not continue to improve, it could be overtaken as the number one car sharing company in the world.



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