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Zipcar study shows younger generation isn’t as dependent on owning a car

Zipcar LogoThere was a time when it seemed like everyone needed to own a car. Well now it seems like there is a new generation of young adults who don’t seem to be as dependent on owning their own car. This information was brought to light by a new independent study handled by Zipcar.

The new study was for people between the ages of 18 and 34. This age group, which the study referred to as Millennials, shows a much different attitude about owning their own form of transportation. In short, people within this age group have found that they do not need to own their own car thanks to on-demand services like Zipcar. In the end, these services save them money, because they don’t have to drive as often.

The study, which was funded by Zipcar and carried out by KRC Research, was done back in December of 2012. It shows that Millennials are much more reliant on their mobile devices (like cell phones) than on car ownership. The study shows that people within this age group find their phones to be much more useful, because they can simply order on-demand transportation through apps provided by companies like Zipcar.

Almost two out of every three people who took part in the survey said that losing their phone or their personal computer would have a bigger negative impact on their life than if they lost their car. Not only that, but because of on-demand services like Zipcar, many of these Millennials have reduced how often they drive. The study shows that people between the ages of 18 and 34 drive 12% less than people aged 45 and older.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with advances in technology. For example, Millennials tend to be very stressed out and don’t want to take time for themselves. In fact, nearly 73% of Millennials said that they would rather shop online than to have to drive or ride a public form of transport to the store. Not only that, but 47% of Millennials also said that they would rather spend time with people online than to actually see their friends in person. All of this has led to a decrease in how often people drive.

The CEO and chairman of Zipcar, Scott Griffith, said that the world is changing. People are living though one of the most important shifts in transportation the world has ever seen. This new society allows people to choose the best form of transportation to fit their needs. Not everyone needs to own a car anymore, and people are learning this.

Zipcar has become the world’s leading car sharing giant. The company currently has some 777,000 members and nearly 10,000 vehicles in colleges and urban areas all over the United States, UK and Canada. Zipcar offers more than 30 different models of cars for people to choose from. This service allows people to only pay for a car when they need it, instead of owning a car. Although there are other companies out there offering the same service as Zipcar, they have not yet found the success that Zipcar has.



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